datevalue : +/- 24 hours lost time!!!! Please help!

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Thread: datevalue : +/- 24 hours lost time!!!! Please help!

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    Karel Guest

    Default datevalue : +/- 24 hours lost time!!!! Please help!

    Hi , <BR>I&#039m working on this problem for +/- 24 hours now and it still isn&#039t fixed!<BR>Here it is!<BR>I want to insert a null-value-date-field in an acces data-base.<BR>If you run the query in access, it only works with (insert into table(keyfield,datefield) values (value_keyfield,null)<BR><BR>In my ASP, I define<BR> if (IsNull(request.form("datum"))) or request.form("datum") = "" or Request.form("datum") = null then<BR>date = null<BR>date = &#039null&#039<BR>date = "null"<BR>date = datevalue(null)<BR>date = chr(0)<BR>date = ""<BR>date = " "<BR><BR>None of the above solutions work.<BR>It always converts the null into a zero-length string ""<BR>and Access won&#039t accept this.<BR>In acces I&#039ve set the date-field to required = no( you can&#039t allow a zero-length string like you can do with a text-field)<BR>I&#039ve also tried to put the default value to null.<BR>But nothing works!<BR>I&#039m really getting exhausted.<BR>I&#039d be so happy if someone could give me a solution<BR> <BR>

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    Mark T. Guest

    Default RE: datevalue : +/- 24 hours lost time!!!! Please help!

    It should work in ASP if your INSERT looks like this:<BR> INSERT INTO Table (field) VALUES (NULL)<BR><BR>Notice that NULL is all caps. I believe VBScript will only<BR>recognize "NULL" as a valid null character.

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    KAREL Guest

    Default RE: datevalue : YEP-thanks

    ok , this works( with a lot of modifications), thanks a lot Mark!

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