I am working the ADSI tool. I want do one query from you. When i make a site in IIS vai ADSI with the ASP page then i am getting one problem we are using two network cards in our NT machine both are different IP address and you have to know the one is the all Unaasinged when i creat the by default the All Unasinged option is slect i need to select the my particular IP address. my code is.<BR><BR> Set objComp = GetObject("IIS://ntb2/W3SVC")<BR> Set objNew = ObjComp.Create("IIsWebServer", 6)<BR> objNew.ServerComment = "Free Zone"<BR> <BR> &#039; "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" This is the IP <BR> &#039; which i want to put in the IP Address portion.<BR> <BR> objNew.SetInfo<BR><BR>Thank <BR>Affan<BR>