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    Hi <BR><BR>We were using IIS 4.0 on WinNT as our webserver and at that time<BR>I used aspemail component downloaded from to <BR>send emails through asp pages. Recently we moved into IIS 5.0<BR>on Win2K and now the same program is not working. Its giving a <BR>problem saying that host(mail server) not found. I contacted the<BR>customer service but not much help. I tried downloading other<BR>vendor components. But getting the same problem with every<BR>component. So, I am thinking it is something to do with server<BR>settings. Can anybody give some idea where and what should I <BR>check to make it work?? If you have any other idea of sending <BR>email using some other technique, please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I have not messed with Win 2000 yet (That&#039;s the next item on my endless list-of-things-to-do), but maybe I can eliminate a common problem:<BR><BR>This may be obvious, but have you made sure that the SMTP Service was installed during the IIS installation?

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