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    Arun Sharma Guest

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    I am using the javascript history back for coming back to my <BR> filled form after an error message.but i am unable to refresh the page automatically.i still get the values which i filled in <BR>before the modification.please suggest a solution.

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    Kautuk Surjan Guest

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    In the body onload event write code history.go(0) which is equivalent to refresh. <BR>Another possible soln is do not use javascript history back , instead use response.redirect("Url") , this will give u a refreshed page.

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    I m also having the same problem but in my case even response.redirect is not not refreshing the page. I have given response.expires=0 also. Still not refreshing.

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    &nbsp;<BR>Redirect the original page to one dummy page and then all that dummy page does is redirects the users back to the original page. This will make the page reload and refresh.

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