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    Any good online resource for javascript,where i can get samples etc..<BR> -Regards-

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    Default "Get yourself a book" syndrome

    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (O&#039;Reilly). $39.95 (USD).<BR><BR>There really is no substitute for a decent book. This one contains information on JavaScript syntax, DHTML, CSS... Everything you could possibly need (and everything you would expect from an O&#039;Reilly book).<BR><BR>Buy it.<BR><BR>If you want something more DHTML-based, there are a couple out there. Beware of buying anything which is Microsoft-biased. If you learn sloppy IE-specific coding, then it&#039;ll be hard to change afterwards.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re a real Scrooge, then has some good information on JavaScript, but beware - some of it is Netscape-only!<BR><BR>By the way, this really is an ASP forum, not JavaScript :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Zeen Guest

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    thanx for ur support , i also posted the same qeury on javascript forum!but duplicate was only done since more ppl visit this forum!<BR> -Regards-

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    Default <eom>


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