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    Hi<BR>I want to make my site a paid one so I am trying to introduce<BR>3 types of memberships to my users example free trial for a month,general membership,gold & finally premium membership.<BR>Now ofcourse a user with general membership cannot aaccess all the facilities of my site as comapared to gold & premium & so can&#039;t user of gold as compared to premium.<BR>Like example a general member cannot access my shopping cart for which user requires a password & username as can gold & premium members & gold members cannot access the messageboard area for which i have again a user id & password & ofcourse premium members have access to all facilities.<BR>For those who wish to preview the site before paying i want to<BR>give free trial for around a month,by which user can only aceess<BR>site for text info & no shopping cart or messageboard facility given.Again for this the user has to login to my site with his email id.<BR>Now can someone please tell me or suggest how do I go about<BR>with this module like how do I prepare the db tables taking care<BR>of all the different memberships & free trial & also the logic of the asp program behind it.<BR>If any code available or any such module where I can get the code would be very helpful. As I am still planning this module any sugestions for a little change here n there also welcome.<BR>Thank you for reading.<BR>

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    Have all the users sign in when they come to the site, whether "Free" members or not.<BR><BR>The table will contain all the info for all the users, viz. name, address, username,password, email, and additionally a column called, may be, "roles" that will contain the users access level for eg. "gold", "plat", or "free". Also a column for date when the free member first "signs in".<BR><BR>If the user comes first time, clicks on TRIAL, take them to a page where they will select the user name and password. Add their record in the table with that day&#039;s date. You can set a cookie with the user&#039;s permission so that next time he doesnt have to log in. In this case everytime when you check the cookie, make a check for the date in the table for that particular user, if it is more than 30 days, take him to "Registration page" or give a message.<BR><BR>Next time if any user tries to log in, check his "role" in the database and send him to the appropriate page.<BR><BR>Does this sound something that could get you started ? Actually its almost 2.00 in the morning and am sure there is more that we can do here but am too tired to think everything right now, but we can continue tomorrow morning (my morning, I meant:)) or someone else can add to it.<BR><BR>Good Luck.

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