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    Hi, I&#039;m in the middle of building a application for a client. One thing i&#039;m stuck on is the automatic thumbnailing of images. The Client will need to thumbnail a whole folder of pictures and have the thumbnails saves to another folder. The thumbnails and full size images will be used by a static html page the program creates. If anyone has any ideas of a thumbnailing script i could use to do the thumbnails of the images would be great. All pictures will be JPG&#039;s<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Oliver

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    Two things spring to mind,<BR>1) buy a component to do it, there are one or two out there<BR>Problems:<BR>someone has to buy the component, may have problems with your host about registering components<BR><BR>2) set the image size properties upon display, and use the full sized image if more detail required<BR>Problems:<BR>download time for the image, although it will then be in cache if they want a bigger pic....<BR><BR>There is no code out there to do it yourself, very very dificult due to the algorithms involved in shrinking pictures<BR><BR>Sorry there is no easy answer<BR>

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