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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    In an asp page I&#039;m doing <BR>Count = Upload.Save (Server.MapPath("/upload"))<BR>where upload is the parent directory of the directory where is this asp page, but it returns me <BR><BR>Persits.Upload.1 error &#039;800a0005&#039; <BR><BR>I think it means that couldn&#039;t find the directory but I&#039;m not sure.<BR>I don&#039;t understand it because when I tested it in my PC it allways worked fine.<BR><BR><BR>Any idea please??<BR><BR>Million thanks.

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    check permissions on the servers upload directory - does iusr_MACHINENAME have the righr to write a file to this folder?

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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    Yes, I also thouhgt it but I have permissions, do you know if I can use the sintaxis ../upload with ASPUpload???<BR><BR><BR>Thanks.

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