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    Default string not concatenating properly... ?

    Been struggling with this a while, I hope someone can help...<BR><BR>I have a page that is loading into frames a couple of times in a row--the user is able to reload the page. When the page reloads, it takes any inputs from previous pages and saves them to output when the page is reloaded again. Two pieces of code are below. The first concatenates a string to pass to the URL of the framed page as a &#039;get&#039; method. The second piece of code writes the frame within the frameset. When the inputs go to the URL, for some reason, after intCounter=1, each input has a comma after it. So, the URL looks like this:<BR>...&key1=joe&key2=bob,&key3=jack,<BR>Does anyone where the comma is coming from?<BR><BR>Thanks so much.<BR><BR><BR>strInputString = ""<BR>For intCounter = 1 to pageCounter<BR>strInputString = strInputString & "&key" & intCounter & "=" & Request.Form("key" & intCounter)<BR>Next<BR><BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;frame name=&#039;" & intCounter & "&#039; src=&#039;frametest3.asp?pagecounter=" & intCounter & ""_<BR>& "&display=" & pageDisplay & strInputString & ""_<BR>& "&#039; scrolling=&#039;auto&#039;&#062;" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf<BR>

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    Default Show the form code...

    It looks to me like you have more than one field with the same name in the form, and the comma is coming from that.<BR><BR>Ummmm...except if that were true, I&#039;d expect to see a space after the comma, as well. Well, still...<BR><BR>If the form is generated via ASP, bring up the page, do "View &#124 Source" to see the HTML, and then show us the HTML, *not* the original ASP code.<BR><BR>

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