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    I have a problem with the line 12 working--response.write "<A href='register.html'>". It is ignored by the server and the next line response.write "you must enter values for all the fields." displays only. That is true for all the lines that try to make a link appear. They are ignored. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Default What is getting written inside the link?

    View the HTML (do a View/Source)... what is the HTML the browser is receiving? Are there the link tags?

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    Default RE: What is getting written inside the link?

    This is what is displayed in the html code &#060;a href = &#039;register.htm&#039;&#062; You must enter all fields. &#060;/a&#062; <BR>When this is displayed nothing is an active link. I have solved the problem by using server.execute ("register.html") to bring the user back to the register page but I&#039;m wondering why the link created in the asp page does not come up active or even be displayed as a link.

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