should be stored in database or as html file?

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Thread: should be stored in database or as html file?

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    Default should be stored in database or as html file?

    We&#039;ve to work on site for a client who sells electronics & appliances. So there would be categories & subcategories..Now for each subcategory for eg: tv or vcr & camcorder product specification would be quite different excpet for 4 or 5 fields like weight of item, height of item but the rest would be different. This is how client wants to have it<BR><BR><BR>1.display it in format of table, so that it looks good. <BR><BR>2. However they say its not possible for them to give list of all different specification field name as there are many fields they would like to have memo type box in which they can enter product specification for respective item. <BR><BR>3. example of product specifications for vcr:<BR>Item Height in Inches = xyz incehs<BR>Item Weight in Inches = xyz inches<BR>AC/DC Operation = yes<BR>VCR Plus+ Programming = yes<BR>so on & so forth may be upto 15 specifications<BR><BR>example of product specifications for vcr:<BR>Pause Live TV = yes<BR>Intelligent Recording by: Show = yes<BR><BR>MY QUESTION IS WHAT WOULD BE BEST SOLUTION TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE?<BR>Have them create html file?If it goes in databse then it can&#039;t be formated?at the most we can&#039;t have vbcrlf to show &#060;hr&#062; to start from a new line?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated<BR>THANKS IN ADVANCE<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Text area and memo field fine...

    ...then you just re-format the memo field to make it look pretty, automatically. I think there&#039;s even an ASPFAQs entry (by Scott) that shows how to do this.<BR><BR>Basically, you use REPLACE to change vbNewLine into &lt;BR&#062; and space into &amp;nbsp; and " into &amp;quot; and that&#039;s about it. Or you could split the text into lines and then display in HTML via &#060;UL&#062; and then a &#060;LI&#062; in front of each line. That would even be neater! AH! You could do that with REPLACE, too:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>txt = RS("memo_description")<BR>txt = Replace( txt, vbNewLine, vbNewLine & "&#060;LI&#062;" )<BR>txt = Replace( txt, Chr(34), "&amp;quot;" )<BR>txt = Replace( txt, " ", "&amp;nbsp;" ) &#039; optional!<BR>Response.Write "&#060;UL&#062;" & txt & "&#060;/UL&#062;"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>You could let them view what the stuff would look like before storing it in the DB, of course. That might help.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Text area ...Thanks .. I wonder...

    Thanks. I&#039;ll check out FAQ....yes that would be best option. Since they don&#039;t want to maintain HTML Or word documents anymore. This would be only option to format memo field, nothing else can done. <BR>Its just my concern is if one has 2000+ products, while adding products if they screw up its all going to be messed up. Well what else can we offer here. <BR><BR>I wonder in today&#039;s age - How can one get along if they can&#039;t even write text in Whatyouseewhatyouget kind of image editor. Does software needs to be more user friendly or training needs to be simplified or its lack of willingness to keep up with modern technology...

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