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    I have a subprocedure that I&#039;d like to call a bunch of times in a row, like this:<BR><BR>Call Subprocdure(parameter1,parameter2)<BR>Call Subprocdure(parameter1,parameter2)<BR>Call Subprocdure(parameter1,parameter2)<BR><BR>the only difference would be the parameter values. When I run this, the first subprocedure works fine, but the others don&#039;t return anything. Anyone know what&#039;s going on?<BR>

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    Well, *none* of those procedures *return* a thing, by definition. A "SUB" can *never* "return* a value; it can only act on the arguments given and/or on global variables.<BR><BR>So who knows what is going on when you choose not to show the actual code.<BR><BR>

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    Joe B Guest

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    Found the problem. Thanks.

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