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Thread: WHERE clause...HELP PLEASE

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    Laurie M Guest

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    I&#039;ve played around with the following code, with no success. The form on page one has menu populated with various dog breeds, which posts to page two. This is the code that I use on page two is:<BR><BR>if not isempty(Request.Form("SearchByBreed")) then<BR>set RSRescue = objConn.Execute("select * from Rescues where " _<BR>& "DogBreeds = &#039;" & Request.Form("DogBreed") & "&#039;" & "order by OrganizationName")<BR><BR>However, I recently added a STATUS column to the database, and I want to read from the DogBreeds column as well as the Status column, so when a dog breed is chosen, only those groups with "approved" (vs. pending) will show. How can I write this code? Every combination I&#039;ve tried gives me either an error message, or the form will post but will be empty, and not show any clubs/organizations. Thanks in advance from a newbie, muddling along in ASP!<BR>

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