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    Leif Guest

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    Hello - Could someone please point out what is wrong with this SQL statement:<BR><BR>SqlText = "SELECT Count(hrg_PostMark_Date, hrg_Date_Final) As Uncompleted"<BR>SqlText = SqlText & " FROM tblHearings"<BR>SqlText = SqlText & " WHERE (((hrg_PostMark_Date) Is Not Null) AND (hrg_Date_Final) Is Null);"<BR><BR>I receive the error:<BR><BR>Wrong number of arguments used with function in query expression<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    James W. Guest

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    the count function works on a single field, so if you need multiple fields do this:<BR>SELECT Count(hrg_PostMark_Date) as thisthing, count(hrg_Date_Final) as thatthing

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    Leif Guest

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    Great. Thanks a lot.

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