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    I am using access database. While posting my form, I have a text area. I am posting the form with line breaks. In order to keep the line breaks, I am using the Replace(invText,VbCrLf,"<BR>"). It works fine.<BR><BR>But when I want to edit the test in another form I am retreiving the values into another text area to be changed, But I am getting the "<BR>"s everywhere intead of the line breaks. What fucntion shd I use to remove these br&#039;s and show the text with line breaks???

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    When you edit your text in a textarea do you do this?<BR>&#060;textarea name="blabla"&#062;&#060;%=RecordsetObject("text") %&#062;&#060;/textarea&#062;<BR><BR>Then you get the results and you see all the &lt;br&gt; and you what to replace these &lt;br&gt; by the appropriate line breaks right?<BR><BR>What I think you should do I use the same replace() function that you have used before but change the order. So you should have the Replace(invText,&lt;br&gt;, VbCrLf) function before you make the output in the textarea.<BR><BR>this is **only** if I understand correctly :) !

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