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    I want to add a news ticker to my home page. News for a particular day would be picked up from the database and the headlines would be displayed in this tciker. When the user clicks on any headline, the link would take him to the news page. I am aware that I can use any Java applet to do this. But, is there any pure asp component to acheive this so that I do not have to use Java applets? Can I acheive this result through the Ad Rotator component somehow?<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Santosh

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    Well you can simulate the same thing using the &#060;marquee&#062; tag but the drawback is that it is only compatible with Explorer, give it a try!<BR><BR>&#060;marquee&#062;<BR>&#060;a href="news.asp"&#062;Click here for the news&#060;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;/marquee&#062;

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