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    Hemant Guest

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    In and article on 4GuysfromRolla ("Sending Emails in ASP using CDO") They have specified as :<BR>"Getting a Permission Denied Error?<BR>make sure that the IUSR_MachineName has Full Control permissions on the mail root directories (usually C:InetPubmailroot). "<BR> I am a beginner in ASP and for IIS too. So Please let me know how I have to check this. My SMTP in IIS shows only two folders as domain and user session. Under domain, It shows me my machine name. Under user session it shows me nothing. <BR> So Please help me out in this.<BR>Thanks In advance

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    James W. Guest

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    Using Windows NT Explorer on the webserver, go to the mailroot directory. Right click and choose properties. Then click on security tab and check permissions there.<BR>

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