How do i enable ASP on MS PWS?

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Thread: How do i enable ASP on MS PWS?

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    Hi there!<BR><BR>Yesterday night i installed Microsoft&#039;s personal web server on my computer. But i have encountered a problem and would like some assistance.<BR><BR>How do i enable active server pages on pws? so that internet explorer processes files with the .asp extension as active server pages files.<BR><BR>Thanks , hoping for a urgent solution<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR>Riz

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    ASP is on automatically in PWS. The problem you are having is because Internet Explorer does not process ASP pages. PWS does. Therefore you have to call the page through PWS by using a url. You can&#039;t just open the file by double clicking on it or typing in it&#039;s path on your hard drive. That bypasses the server an dteh ASP processing. <BR><BR>Put your ASP pages in "c:Inetpubwwwroot" and call them using "http://localhost/TheNameOfYourPage.asp"

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