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    Redth Guest

    Default MySQL, few general q's

    heh, call me dumb but i haven&#039;t really found any information about what needs to be done differently when using MySQL, or SQL server for that matter, compared to access...<BR><BR>for example, how do i connect to a database on MySQL ? could somebody please give me an example of a dsn-less MySQL connection?<BR><BR>also, will normal recordsets and sql statements will work the same?<BR>eg:<BR>Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")<BR>objRS.op en "SELECT * FROM table WHERE field = &#039;" & variable & "&#039;", objconn<BR><BR>this doesn&#039;t need to change does it???<BR><BR>thanks a bunch for the info... <BR>ex

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    Speezer Guest

    Default Don't know MySQL but...

    A guy in my office uses it (I connect with SQL Server through asp pages) and I know that he would ask me syntax questions and often he was doing things different than the T-SQL I was used to. Perhaps syntax differences...<BR>Anyway....<BR>Here&#039;s a DSNless connection to a SQL Server db........ <BR>set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Conn.Op en "Driver={SQL Server}; Server=MyServerName; Database=MyDBName; Uid=sa; Pwd=;"<BR>Sorry I&#039;m not very helpful to you.

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    Dunno about using DSN-less connection. I&#039;m using a DSN, because it&#039;s simpler. Almost surely, though, you will need to supply UID and PWD to the connection. You *can* start MySQL in such a way that it won&#039;t care about them, but it&#039;s not normal and it&#039;s warned against.<BR><BR>SQL: I&#039;d say it&#039;s 85% or more the same as what you will see here. But look through the list of FUNCTIONS really carefully. There are some oddball differences. <BR><BR>Start here:<BR><BR>pay special attention to this:<BR><BR>and this is the one that is most different:<BR><BR><BR>Look, for example, at DATE_ADD and see how it differs from DateAdd in Access (which also happens to be different than SQL Server, a little, so this is no big surprise).<BR><BR>One of the really *NICE* things about MySQL is how easy it is to do "Paging" through recordsets!<BR><BR>You do something like:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table <BR>WHERE someField = someValue<BR>ORDER BY someOtherField<BR>LIMIT 30,39<BR><BR>That says return 10 records starting at the 30th record!!! (Records are numbered starting at zero, incidentally.)<BR><BR>Wham! Instant paging, no effort, no muss, no extra records ever transferred from DB to ASP.<BR><BR>But as to the rest...mostly it&#039;s all the same.<BR><BR>You might look here, too:<BR><BR><BR>And don&#039;t forget to download MyODBC to get the ODBC driver you need!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Redth Guest

    Default thank you <eop>

    thanks for those articles bill...:) and the speedy response :)..

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