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Thread: ASP to control Page Margins?

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    Sorry if this shows up twice... but I can&#039;t find it after I just posted it so I&#039;ll post again.<BR><BR>Is there an ASP code I can use to control the page margins of a page so that when I print, an additional 1/4" of the page will print out. I posted this on the HTML board, but the more I think about it, this might be more of an ASP project.<BR><BR>Anyways if anyone can think of a way for me to do this, I&#039;d greatly appreciate it. I"m not worried about the side margins, I just need the top and bottom margins adjusted by 1/8" so I gain an additional 1/4" total. Also, I need this to somehow be in the ASP code so that I can print the additional space on different computers, though I will only be using Internet Explorer, so hopefully that&#039;ll help a lot.

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    I believe you can do this with StyleSheets. I know I&#039;ve read an article on it before, so you might want to try and go that route.

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