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    Using CSS and DIV tags, I&#039;m causing a table to become hidden or visible depending on choices made by the client. This works fine with IE. The prob is that Netscape causes ALL form elements (outside the DIV tag) to become hidden when any of the form elements IN the DIV tag become hidden. I tried using several different form tags named different but to no avail. Any ideas??<BR>How can I have a button (Netscape) outside of a form tag?<BR><BR>Huey

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    Default I never found a way...

    You *might* get it to work by using multiple forms. To collect the data from the other form when the main one is submitted, use a HIDDEN field in the main form and copy the data from the other one to there during onSubmit processing.<BR><BR>But I dunno if even that will work.<BR><BR>

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