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Thread: problems with ftp-base-directories

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    hello,<BR><BR>i have following problems with ftp:<BR><BR>i created 3 ftp-accounts on iis5/win2000 server. <BR>each of them has a different base-directory.<BR>after that, i created 1 user for each directory (-&#062; 3 users) with a local path pointing to the ftp-user-account.<BR><BR>the first problem is, that i could start only 1 ftp-account at the same time in the iis-administration. <BR>if i try to start an other one , i get an error ("same name already exists in network")<BR><BR>the second problem is, if i log in by ftp on any user, i have <BR>always the same base-directory (the one , which is started in iis-administration)<BR><BR>can anybody help me out ?<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>mirko<BR>

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    there&#039;s an article on doing this properly at<BR><BR>i&#039;d check it out if I were you...<BR><BR>j

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