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    I'm tasked with a project and I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm hoping someone can help. I need to create dynamic word docs over the web. The content is held in a SQL Server database. That part's not so bad, although it's quirky. The user will have to save the document to file, since the Open from Current location dialog brings up a blank word doc inside the browser. My problem is that when they save, they're saving to their client machine, and the Project Manager wants the completed Word document saved to the web server. Can I upload the doc to the server automagically, right after creation, or do I have to have the user do it via ASPUpload or something?

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    I believe if Office Collabration Components are an option that the user should be able to save directly to the server if they have logged in.

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    Default I'd be very careful with this...

    ...It's easy to integrated viruses in these types of files. I would use a standalone web server for this purpose. I certainly wouldn't share mission critical processes on the same server.

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