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    Rick Herrick Guest

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    Just starting with ASP. Have PWS running on Win98 box. Got the &#039Classy Classifieds&#039 sample from "Active Server Pages for Dummies" by Bill Hatfield. Got it running on my server fine. Went to another machine on my home intranet and the home page comes up but the link to Classy Classifieds sample did not. Page could not be found. Can someone help with this or is there another place to solicit help? Thanks.

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    Rick Herrick Guest

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    Found two problems so far and it appears to be working now. On the home page for PWS I added the link to the classifieds sample. This link had &#039localhost&#039 in it as opposed to the actual hostname of the server which, I assume, the client could not resolve. I also found that one of my directory names had a space in it which on the server, it got replaced with &#039%20&#039. When I change the space to &#039%20&#039 on the client machine all worked. Not sure if one or both were causing my problem but it seems to be ok now.

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