When a user loads a page, a row of checkboxes and select boxes (disabled by default) show up. When a user selects a specific checkbox, the corresponding select-box becomes available (thanks again, Bill!). Now, I put an onLoad="form.reset()" in the body tag of this page, so that when users hit the Back button on the next oage, the checkboxes will be cleared. However, I also have a Reset Fields button on this page. It clears the checkboxes fine, but it doesn&#039;t reset the select-boxes back to disabled state. I tried:<BR>&#060;INPUT type="button" value = "Clear Selections" onClick="javascript:this.form.reset();this.form.se lbox.disabled"&#062;<BR>but that doesn&#039;t seem to do it. Would it be easier to make a function that goes through all selectboxes and disables them, and call that function in the onClick event or is there a way to do it right within the Input tag?