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    Default Requirements for running IIS

    Does anyone know the requirements for running (1.)IIS 5.0, (2.)ASP 3.0 , (3.)ASP.Net and (4.)compiling C# source code? I am thinking of getting a new computer and wonder if this will run on Windows ME or Windows 2000 Professional, or if I need to belly-up-to-the-bar and get Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server. I looked through a bunch of stuff on MS`s site and could not find any info on it. Thanks in advance.

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    Default I run Win2k Professional with all of these...


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    Default No for WinME.

    &nbsp;<BR>You can run a developmetn site on Win2K Pro...(That is what I use), but there is a 10 connection limit. <BR>If you want to run a production site....Use Win2K Server.<BR>Don&#039;t spend your money on Advanced Server....It&#039;s built specifically for machines that I guarantee are more powerful that anything you will be using.

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