Oh great and wonderful ASP gurus-<BR><BR>I am having intermittent problems with my ASP pages suddenly not being able to find my database. I&#039;ll try to elaborate...<BR><BR>Basically, I have a simple ASP page that connects to an Access database. It works fine for a while, and I don&#039;t change the page at all. Mysteriously, every once in a while, I refresh the page and get a database connection error -- "No database driver specified", etc. It&#039;ll continue to be broken for several minutes, then it will start working again. What gives?<BR><BR>I have my connect string defined in an Application variable. I&#039;ve tried it with DSN-based and DSNless connections, and have the same problem either way. I am running IIS under Win2K Advanced Server.<BR><BR>I have not installed SP1 for Win2K yet. However, the same problem has been reported by one of my clients who is running an ASP application on NT Server 4.0 (SP6, I think). Therefore, it doesn&#039;t appear to be OS-related, unless there&#039;s a configuration setting that I&#039;ve missed.<BR><BR>Is this something with the operating system? IIS? Is there a timeout happening somewhere that I&#039;m not aware of? Some setting I can change?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.<BR><BR>KC