I&#039m having a problem inserting a new row into a table when there is a currency field to insert. When I comment out the currency field, the insert is successful. How do I get the type to change when I&#039m not even using a direct insert statement, but rather the recordset object. The code is below, and it fails on the rsInsert("mz_teaser_price_cy") = mz_teaser_price_cy line.<BR><BR>Set rsInsert = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>cmdTemp. CommandText = sql<BR>cmdTemp.CommandType = 1<BR>Set cmdTemp.ActiveConnection = conn<BR>rsInsert.Open cmdTemp, , 1, 3<BR> <BR>rsInsert.AddNew<BR>rsInsert("prod_id")= sku<BR>rsInsert("mz_overview_ht")= mz_overview_ht<BR>rsInsert("mz_teaser_price_cy")= mz_teaser_price_cy<BR>rsInsert.Update<BR><BR>Thank s in advance for any help!<BR>Teresa Young