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    Okay, I&#039m totally confused here. Please help me out. <BR><BR>I have a comma delimited file that will come into a directory on my PC every 10 minutes. I have no idea what the data will be each day, but I do know that the columns will contain the same type of information. For example,<BR><BR>Firstname,Lastname,DOB,Age<BR>Jose ph,Roberts,072066,40<BR>Sammy,Davis,042087,35<BR>< BR>and so on. You see, this data is coming from a different server and being sent to mine. Anyway, I need this comma delimited data sent to my database. I&#039ve been reading up on ASP, as well as the SQL INSERT command, but all the examples that I see are actually asking me to tell it what the values are! Please don&#039t tell me that if I receive a text file with 5,000 rows, I have to do an INSERT command for each ROW telling the INSERT statement manually each value within the ROW! Is there an IMPORT command? Is there a way for INSERT to grab an entire COLUMN (ex. FIRSTNAME) and put it in the proper table? If necessary, how do I tell INSERT that my columns are comma delimited? Am I even going about this problem in the right way?? I am very frustrated and confused. Please help.<BR>

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    What you could do, since CSV can be used through ODBC is to write a program that opens the file, and retrieves the records into a recordset. Then take the recordset and "INSERT" them into your db.<BR><BR>I believe you could write a service in NT to "schedule" this program to run on its own also.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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