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    SteveW Guest

    Default Looping and variables

    I posted this a few days ago, and didn&#039;t get the right answer...<BR><BR>I want to loop through a recordset and print values.<BR>I am using a variable for one of the values (The others are just &#060;%=obRec("Name")%&#062; etc)<BR><BR>If I assign the variable and then start my Do Loop I only get the first record.<BR><BR>If I start the Do Loop and then assign the variable, it works fine. But it involves looping through a chunk of code unnecessarily each time. Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    prakash Guest

    Default rs.movefirst and rs.move last

    well you must have missed out<BR><BR>rs.movefirst before the do while<BR><BR>and <BR><BR>rs.movenext

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