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Thread: getting values from two tables?

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    Default getting values from two tables?

    I have two tables<BR>1. inv<BR>2. quot<BR><BR>in quot I have. a. JobID, custID, Date, Amount<BR>in inv I have JobID, custID, Date, InvID, Amount<BR><BR>I am adding jobs in the quot table<BR>When the job is over i am adding invoice in the inv table, keeping the JobID, CustID and the Amount same, whereas the Date and the invID is new<BR><BR>Now the problem is I am trying to search through the form which has two drop-down, Month and CustID... I am searching in the quot table, I get the result fine, But I want to give some kind of indication to the jobs that have entered in in inv table.<BR><BR>Like If jobID in the quot table = jobID in the inv table (this job is invoiced)<BR><BR>How can I do that???<BR><BR>I am searching in the quot table, based on the result i have to check the inv table and provide the result<BR><BR>Thanx

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    To get all records from inv table where the Jobid&#039;s are the same, you have to use an inner join<BR>The format is:<BR>SQL = "SELECT inv.*, quot.* FROM inv, quot"<BR>SQL = SQL WHERE inv.Jobid = quot.Jobid" <BR>Hope that helps<BR>K.

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    Chunkey Pandey Guest

    Default I am trying that.. thanx


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