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    A couple of times now the dbase on my site has apparently crashed. I say apparently because there&#039;s no error message as such. It&#039;s just that any page with a dbase connection takes ages to load and eventually (and I mean after several minutes) you get a timeout error message.<BR><BR>My host is very efficient at resetting the web services, but what I want to know is - Can it only be because of unclosed connections on my pages somewhere (and I&#039;ve hunted for them!) Or might there be another reason...?<BR><BR>

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    1. are you using DSNs? don&#039;t - use connectionstrings<BR>2. are all the connections really closed?<BR>3. is the MDAC up-to-date?<BR>4. what RDBMS?<BR><BR>j

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    SteveW Guest

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    1. I&#039;m not using DSN<BR>2. I *believe* they are closing - I&#039;ve checked several times...<BR>3. No idea about MDAC... I&#039;ll look into it.<BR>4. It&#039;s Access 2000

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