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    I&#039;m in desperate need of a global variable in JS.<BR>Anyone knows an easy way to do this.<BR>I would need to set the variable before i do a<BR>wondow.location.href=<BR>And the JScript at the new location does a frameset depending<BR>on the variable that has been set in the previous page.<BR>I dont wana use forms 4 this one :/<BR>The idea is to keep the URL cleen from URL submition strings.<BR>Do I make any sense at all ?<BR>Urgent PLZ help!!

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    Well, if you don&#039;t want to pass the value of the variable through URL or POST form, you could store it in a cookie and retrieve it from the same cookie in the next page (assuming that both pages are on the same site; otherwise cross-domain security will kick in).

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