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    HELP - I&#039;m very much a newbie to both SQL and ASP. I have a database on SQL Server, and I use Access to maintain it. However, I&#039;m unable to add a column to an existing table on SQL server. How can I do this using Access? Or is there a statement I can use in ASP? If someone can answer me in "layman&#039;s terms" that would be GREAT!<BR>

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    in SQL Server you have the ALTER TABLE statement - you&#039;ll have to look it up in the docs. there is no such clause in Access, though. you may be able to use ADOX (search to find a tutorial)<BR><BR>j

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    Atrax wrote:<BR>&#062; there is no such [ALTER TABLE] clause in Access, though<BR><BR><BR>Ummm...from my Access97 "Help" documentation. Bring up Access97, click on help, use Index tab, search for "Alter". I get this:<BR><BR>**** QUOTE ****<BR>Syntax<BR><BR>ALTER TABLE table {ADD {COLUMN field type[(size)] [NOT NULL] [CONSTRAINT index] &#124<BR>CONSTRAINT multifieldindex} &#124<BR>DROP {COLUMN field I CONSTRAINT indexname} }<BR><BR>The ALTER TABLE statement has these parts:<BR>... lots more ....<BR><BR>**** END QUOTE ****

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