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    Raymond Guest

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    I am trying to build an intranet in my company. In order to get the login information from user, I use the code<BR><BR> Request.ServerVariables("logon_user")<BR><BR> and set to use Window NT Challenge/Response to get user&#039;s login ID. So, after users login NT, the page is now able to get his User ID. Now, I would like to allow the user to update some information to the SQL Server and I would like to popup a login box to verify user&#039;s NT password. If the password inputed is match with the NT password, the update will be processed, otherwise it will be refused. How can I pop up such login box and verify the password inputed?<BR>

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    you alreadsy know the password is correct, by virtue of the fact that they got through challenge/response<BR><BR>and you can&#039;t use ASP to verify an NT password, because that would mean you could get the passwords of every user on the box - which kinda negates the point of them being there.<BR><BR>j

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    Set the options in IIS to send the passwords in plain text mode (or your own custom log-in form), then use the API on server side to validate the password against a logon server, which you could encapsulate into an ASP object.

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    Raymond Guest

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    Thank you very much for your response. I would like to know how can I use API to validate the password? Can you give me some lines of code to do that?<BR><BR>I also search some articles about this. I found that GetObject can be used to change password. But I can&#039;t find any method to validate the password.

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