Hi and thanks<BR>My site sets a cookie when a user subscribes to an auto Email thingo. Problem is, whilst I&#039;ve been testing it, sometimes the cookie dosent get read. It works fine from my machine, but when my friend tests it, the cookie is written correctly to their machine, but not read. Is there something about cookies I&#039;m missing?. I&#039;ve read and read about cookies, but my code seems fine. If anyone would like to help me test this., I&#039;d appreciate very much. Go to www.bynonrealty.com.au and do a property search and click the starfish and register omn the Let Me Know thingo. Then when you return to the site it should inc my counter. the Remove me works OK so you wonrt get Emails, just one confirming your rego , with a Remove Me link.<BR>Thanks<BR>Zeg<BR>