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    Quick question...<BR>Im trying to update a field in my Access DB... pretty straight forward I have code something like this<BR><BR>...<BR>myRecordSet("field") = Request("inputValue")<BR>myRecordSet.Update<BR>... <BR><BR>and it works... accept for if no value is entered for "inputValue". If someone enters in no value I want to erase whatever value was in myRecordSet("field") and replace it with nothing... if no value is entered the old value currently persists<BR><BR>thanks

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    Perhaps try something like this:<BR><BR>If Len(Request.Form("inputValue")) = 0 Then<BR> myRecordSet("field") = Null<BR>Else<BR> myRecordSet("field") = Request.Form("inputValue")<BR>End If<BR><BR>Best regards, <BR>-Paul <BR><BR>J. Paul Schmidt, MBA <BR>Databases on the Web <BR> <BR><BR>

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