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    I have the following SQL statement trying to retrieve a record from an ACCESS DB using ASP, MCINo is a text datatype, and trtStart is a date datatype. When I run it, it returns an empty set even when the record is there.... I tried with MCINo=&#039;23423423" without the trtStart part and it works.... I am wondering if my expression for date value is wrong... can someone help?<BR><BR><BR>SELECT * FROM treatment_Latent WHERE (MCINo =&#039;23423423&#039; AND trtStart =03/03/2111)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    try this<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM treatment_Latent WHERE MCINo =&#039;23423423&#039; AND trtStart = #03/03/2111#<BR><BR><BR>you sure the year should be 2111

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    Default Great, it worked, thanks


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