First off, thanks to Craig -- the page is now pulling the username correctly. Once I renamed the page and got it refreshing right, it started reading from the database correctly, too! So I&#039;m in good shape...<BR><BR>My database is stored on the webserver (out of necessity, no?) and contains information on files that are saved on another server. I want to provide a link to each file and the date each file was last modified. I have both working if the file is on the web server, but I can&#039;t figure out how to get it to grab a file from another server. I can put a shortcut to the file in the same directory as the database, and that works for the link part (though it prompts the user to download or open the file before running the shortcut, and that&#039;s not really what I want...). The last modified date, though, is for the .lnk file (the shortcut) and not for the file it points to. The function takes the path to the file (stored in the database in a text field). How can I represent the path so that I can put a direct link to the files I want? <BR><BR>I thought there was some way to use file:\ or something, but I&#039;m not sure of the syntax (and I know my guess is wrong, but I don&#039;t know what it _should_ be...)<BR><BR>Help!<BR>Meehu