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    I have a page (query.htm) with 2 frames. The top (title.htm) is simply a drop down date to query the database. The other frame (main.asp) should take the date input it into a sql statement and display the results. Only problem is Im having difficulities getting title.htm to send to main.asp. I know this is documented just about everwhere but Im still having problems? Any thoughts?<BR>Oh yeah... how can I have it query todays date buy default unless an new date has been submitted?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Carrie

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    go to and choose frames. It should have all of the cross frame scripting answers you need. <BR><BR>About the date do something along these lines. <BR><BR>&#039;non language specific<BR>if date is empty then<BR>date = today <BR>else<BR>date = datepassedin<BR>

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