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    This is a very broad question I know, I am looking to hear if people have any solutions to it. <BR><BR>Lets say that you develop a front end for data entry. Many people are going to use this front end with their databases. I know that with the ODBC, I can make different connections to different databases, but this is my question: <BR><BR>What do I do when user A has one set up for their tables and information in their database, and user B has a different table layout? I don&#039;t really want to rewrite my whole site. <BR><BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR>

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    Check out the tutorial at<BR><BR>Basically, XML will allow you to "data shape" without caring where it&#039;s coming from or where it&#039;s going to... You can port data in to different tables while having it displayed differently to each client.

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    have a login page so your asp page would know if they are person A or B.<BR><BR>Then when your other asp pages would know who is who and would only update or read the info for that person

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