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    Hi,<BR> If this posting appears twice, my appologies, but the first posting did not show up on my screen, so im trying to post again.<BR><BR>What i am trying to do is let the user delete a file from the server throught the browser without going to<BR>I had 2 ideas on how to do this, but need help putting them to work.<BR>1) I have a script that will list all the files in the current directory on the screen, what i want to do then is have a delete button, the user clicks the delete button and then clicks one of the files listed and the file will be deleted.<BR>or<BR>2) have again the listing of all files, then have a text box, the user will type the name of the file in the textbox and then the click teh Delete button (simple form) and the file will be deleted.<BR>How would i accomplish this, i have no idea how to code somethign like this.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>Igor Nikitenko<BR>

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    Look into Deleting Files with FSO<BR><BR>in fact, check<BR>

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    Using ASP, you need to look up information on the FileSystemObject. This will let you both list contents of directories, and also delete/copy/move files.<BR><BR>There&#039;s information on both and<BR><BR>Craig.

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