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    Chaveiro Guest

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    I think it&#039;s not possible, but anyone knows if I can pass fields with post method using Responde.Redirect (GET method wont do in my case).<BR>today, i write everthing in the page and, in js, I write document.form1.submit() ... it&#039;s works, but i think, because the perfomance and everthing else, that&#039;s not the ideal...<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Chaveiro.

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    xycodex Guest

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    Nope, I dont think that&#039;s possible w/o using clientside.<BR>I wanted to do that too, but as far as I have researched, you can&#039;t.<BR>And since you can&#039;t auto-post a form w/o js, the post method is pretty much the same as get method, in terms of security. The user still can &#039;save source,&#039; modify the hidden fields like modifying the urlstring for the get method.<BR><BR>i.e. you&#039;re better off auto-posting the form using javascript.

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    Chaveiro Guest

    Default yes... i guess you're right..

    it&#039;s been a while that i searching this too.. wasn&#039;t because security, but Perfomance... it&#039;s very slow to write 5000 chars into the client and tell for submit to a page... if I could do this into the serve-side would be better... (i cant use Session variable, cause it&#039;s a page on another server...)<BR>tks ...

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