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    Hi...<BR><BR>I have implemented a client server system using access as both the front end and the backend on my local network at work but apparently some of the data is getting deleted, even if you save it a billion times before u change record..<BR><BR>can u please help as its got me stumped...<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Marcus

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    "even if you save it a billion times before u change record"<BR><BR>How are you saving it? I presume you have a desktop application, not a web based one, because you say "using access as both the front end and the backend". To me this means that you must have a 2-part database, forms-based front end with linked tables from the other database. <BR><BR>The default data-bound forms, that you get in access, should allow you ready access to editing the current record. When you change something in the current record, a pencil symbol appears in the record selector. When you move to another record the pencil dissappears and the record is automatically saved.<BR><BR>To actually prevent the saving of the record changes, you need to introduce coding in the beforeupdate or beforeinsert events. If you are using ado in a web app, then you need to specifically retrieve and save the data.<BR><BR>I cannot understand how this could be a problem in a desktop access app!

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