Ok , this is probably going to be too vague but Im open to any ideas you may have, be they grounded <BR>in fact or fiction....<BR><BR>I have a appt_scheduler program which uses ADO objects to do all the connections back to the mssql7 <BR>server (which is not on the lan thus it is tcp/ip connections and not named pipes). THe problem I am <BR>getting is that occasionally (too occasionally) it throws a 80004005 general network error. It <BR>appears to be fairly random but its a bit too common to appear as a fickle network issue. <BR>It happens on conn.open and conn.execute....<BR>Oh, and it always occur sooner than the default timeout for the connection (30 seconds)...but the amount <BR>of time it takes to throw the error can be from 1 second to 20.<BR>Ok, any guesses on what is bubbling up from the dll to cause this problem???<BR><BR>here is the error...<BR><BR>-2147467259(80004005)<BR>dbmssocn-Genereal Network Error <BR><BR><BR>ADDENDUM:<BR>Ive been pouring through MSDN and I will make one addendum which I am pretty sure is pointless but nonetheless...<BR><BR>It seems that in some instances there is an issue with opening multiple recordsets on the same connection...<BR>One of the places where my error is thrown is in a block of code as such, but remember that 99 out of <BR>100 times this block works flawlessly...<BR><BR>Set CONN = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>CONN.Open (connection_string)<BR><BR><BR>Set rs1 = CONN.Execute(sqlstr_col1)<BR>Set rs2 = CONN.Execute(sqlstr_col2)<BR>Set rs3 = CONN.Execute(sqlstr_col3)<BR>Set rs4 = CONN.Execute(sqlstr_col4)<BR>Set rs5 = CONN.Execute(sqlstr_col5)<BR><BR>ClinicView.Redraw = False<BR><BR>X = generate_column(rs1, 1, Calendar1.Value)<BR>X = generate_column(rs2, X + 1, Calendar1.Value + 1)<BR>X = generate_column(rs3, X + 1, Calendar1.Value + 2)<BR>X = generate_column(rs4, X + 1, Calendar1.Value + 3)<BR>X = generate_column(rs5, X + 1, Calendar1.Value + 4)<BR><BR>