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    Hello ASP Guru,<BR> I am experimenting an online shopping cart. I am thinking of 2 possible ways to store customer&#039;s items; one is using Session, and one is using &#060;FORM&#062;. But, I think the problem of Session is that some customers will disable their cookies, and hence it won&#039;t work; in addition, I am kind of wondering if the session will loss if customer is suddenly cut-off from the dial-up connection ?<BR><BR> The good thing of &#060;Form&#062; is, it is applicable in all browser, and no worry of cookies. However, I think if a page has many items for a user to choose from, then each item will need to have a &#060;form&#062; by itself; in this form, it will not only store the particular item&#039;s ID, but will also store as hidden the items ordered in the cart and their respective quantity. looks like overhead in Data Transmission though.<BR><BR> Or, maybe my idea is outdated. Kindly give me a hand. Many Thanks<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Christ

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    Default Sessions are not cookies....


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    Default You are correct... that enabled cookies are required for use with Session variables. While it does have a little more overhead, you may want to consider using a DB to store your info and hit the DB on each page where necessary.<BR><BR>Large scale web farms often use this technique. If your psuedo session info is stored efficiently, you shouldn&#039;t see a "real" drag in comparison to the problems you may encounter with passing forms around.

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