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    Hi,<BR>From what I understand (please correct me if I&#039;m wrong) you can run asp pages on unix machines as long as you use chilisoft software. Does anyone know how good performance is using chilisoft and does it allow you to do database inserts, deletes, sending e-mails, sql commands? I&#039;m trying to figure out if using a current unix system will be the best choice. <BR>Thanks for your help,<BR>Patrick

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    Default Yes to all the above...

    ...but then I work here, so I&#039;m prejudiced.<BR><BR>Have you looked at the online docs? <BR><BR> or for the latest ones.

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    If I were you, and I was stuck with a current UNIX system, I would use a solution developed for UNIX such as PHP or JSP. <BR>Just my 2ยข<BR>

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