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    Goblinman Guest

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    Hello!<BR><BR>I have this problem.<BR><BR>I want to load a picture from the serverside to the client side and store it in a variable.<BR>This variable is to be passed as an argument to a function in an clientside ActiveX-controller, and the picture is to be viewed in this AX-controller.<BR>Is it possible to use Response.binarywrite to print a picture from the server to the client and store it a Variant on the clientside?<BR>If not, Is there any other good solution to my problem.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance!<BR><BR>/Johan

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    Chaveiro Guest

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    i didn&#039;t understand very well what do you mean... but i will try explain what i did understand...<BR>if it&#039;s you that is writing the activeX, create a function that accepts a URL instead of a binary value... then you call the image and show only when necessary.. <BR>if not, and the ActiveX dont accept the URL, then consider to make a javascript function to show the images... you can write a array with the images that you need from ASP...<BR>another way it&#039;s use a database... <BR>more info read this...<BR><BR><BR><BR>hope was useful...<BR>Chaveiro<BR><B R>

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