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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi !,<BR><BR> I am getting this error <BR><BR>Error Type :<BR><BR>Server object, ASP 0177 (0x80070057)<BR>One or More arguments are invalid<BR><BR>the line at which this error looks like has the following statement<BR><BR>set objRefBllGeneral = Server.CreateObject("BusinessLogicLayer.General")< BR><BR>This error is sporadic and happens at different pages, but at the same command.<BR><BR>Any help / info / suggestion will be greatly appreciated !<BR>Thanks !<BR><BR>Archana

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    What line number does the error message point to? What is the exact code at that exact line? It is not the code that you showed. It is probably the line below where you try to call a method of the object created in the line you posted.

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    archana Guest

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    It is at the line of code that i showed. <BR><BR>Set objREfBllGeneral = Server.CreateObject("BusinessLogicLayer.General")< BR><BR>it is not able to create an instance of the class.<BR><BR>

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    Chaveiro Guest

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    this object it&#039;s create by you or someone in your company, right ? the problem could be there, since some times works, some times dont, in the Component... if was built for you, check for Apartment Thread... also, if possible, try to recompile this Component with the most recents Services Pack.. i cant help more, cause my knowledge it&#039;s very limited...

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