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    This is somewhat of a repost, but I have a different question.<BR><BR>I am looking to seperate an email address from a string of text.. I am guessing what I need is some sort of len function which could locate the @ in the string and tell me how many characters in it is.. if I could get this I could do something like put it in a for loop and have it read to the left for a blank space and then do the same to the right.. does anyone know what functions I could use to do this to truncate the string so it will only output the email address ? Any information is appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-M

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    Default InStr and InStrRev

    Look those functions up in the VBScript docs.<BR><BR>They do exactly what you want.<BR><BR>You might also look into Split.<BR><BR>

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